AR in Schools emerged from the need to disseminate the use of new educational technologies in science teaching in public schools. These are research and extension projects developed by students, professors and researchers linked to the Laboratory of Computational Technologies of the Federal University of Santa Catarina on Campus Araranguá (LabTeC UFSC).

The augmented reality externals created are stored in the RA Platform, which was developed by LabTeC UFSC, allowing amplified access to the augmented reality externals, which can be downloaded from any location.

Kits AR on Schools

Discover the future of education!

Teachers Qualified in AR

Prepared to transform each class into an immersive and engaging journey!

It's like opening a window to another dimension, where everyday objects can transform to unlock a video, game or even 3D characters to play with right there in front of you.

Just download the app and point the camera at an image or product with a zap code to make them come true.